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This has been on my mind for quite some time right now, of what armor to chose from the modding community and the armors that i have been working on. So I post these three screenshots of the armors that I have been working on. All three pics will give you the basics stats of each set of armor. But each do have better advantage than the other, like the third option can be repaired by any pre-war clothing, scrap metal, and wonder glue. It even gvies the player +1 of Agility & Endurance. The second option offers better protection than other two and can be repaired with any set of combat armor that can be found in the Wasteland and offers good protection from explosive shrapnel. The first option of armors is texture of NCR Ranger patrol armor and has about the same stats as the regular NCR Ranger patrol armor but it has +10 to survival and sneak. But here are the con of each of the armors.

Armor Choices (What Does My Watchers Thinks?) by Predator4170

Valor Ranger Armor

  • There is still a lot more work and there is not any personal armor for companions for right now for both ingame and modded.

  • (Personal Preferences) do not like red scarf

Valor Combat Armor

  • The most heavy then the other two options

  • Only 10% have been already been work on and still needs a lot more work on retexturing

  • There is not any personal armor for companions as for right now  

Valor Combat Uniform

  • It is not lore-friendly and way too clean looking

  • there is not many female models for female characters and experimental armors for have been failures and needs help from someone else that know how to work with armor models

  • the glove models do not fit in and needs better ones

  • still need some work on re-balancing the stats and i do not want to be OP in the game.

But enough of the Cons, here are the Pros of each of the armors that I am working on.

Valor Ranger Armor

  • The armor fits in well in the Lore of the Fallout universe

  • and there good small amount for both male and female characters

  • It has is own unique texture

Valor Combat Armor

  • there is a good armor addons (Assault, Flamer, Heavy Support, Scout, And Shotgunner)

  • The Armor is lore-friendly and looks very nice

  • the textures are a lot more easier to work with than the other two

Valor Combat Uniform

  • There is a large variety of sets of armors to choose from

  • there is personal armors for most of the companions for both ingame and modded characters like Chrono, Niner, Desmond, Boone, and ect.

  • These are the armors from Resident Evil 5 and are great quality models too

So have wondering of to chose from but I have a lot of back and forth of what to decide and and this will affect of what the whole gang wears in fan-fiction chapters of Fallout NV. I am just wondering of what the community and what my watchers think.
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Np... I would love to add a squat tank like that one for my own collection. :)
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Thanks... I I put a lot of thought and work into them. I am trying to get myself better. Also thanks for the Llama.
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